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Why does our body need folic acid, what foods to look for it in and how much should we consume per day?

Beneficial properties of folic acid. Women know that folic acid is especially necessary for the

Vitamin biotin will help prevent exacerbations of allergic skin diseases

What is an allergy? The word “allergy” is of ancient Greek origin (allos – other,

Why does the body need vitamins?

Often during the changing seasons, many people feel tired, unwell or even stressed. What does

Stiffness in movement is not a reason to be sad!

Do you feel stiff in your movements? Are you experiencing swelling in your knees? Most

Are viruses attacking? VITAGEN® №108 IMUTRIN – natural protection against viruses!

Are you worried about frequent colds? Fatigue? Feeling overwhelmed? All this indicates a weakening of

How to turn dry, dull and brittle hair into beautiful and well-groomed curls

At all times, long and luxurious hair was considered the main wealth of a woman.

How to strengthen brittle nails

Not only women, but also men face nail diseases. Often, thin nails that peel and

A revolutionary approach to figure correction: effective utilization of fat mass and support (or increase) muscle mass

To all adherents of an active lifestyle, Ananta Medicare is pleased to present a natural,