Why does the body need vitamins?

Often during the changing seasons, many people feel tired, unwell or even stressed. What does the body need to feel great and function properly? Vitamins and microelements are necessary components for the proper functioning of the body.

Vitamins are an important nutritional factor; they are necessary for the body, as they take an active part in regulating various chemical reactions. The need for these substances is small, but if you don’t get enough of them, serous problems with health and appearance can arise.

Biotin (or vitamin H) contains sulfur atoms in its chemical structure. Sulfur takes part in the synthesis of protein – collagen, which makes our skin elastic and healthy, and nails strong. This vitamin also prevents hair loss and dandruff formation. Vitamin H can protect the skin from aggressive environmental influences and even slow down the aging process.

Beauty vitamin – biotin regulates the secretion of skin glands, improves the structure of the scalp, which helps improve the structure of the hair, making curls healthier and more beautiful.


How does vitamin H enter the body?

Of course, first of all, all vitamins enter the body with food. Biotin is also synthesized by intestinal microflora. Unfortunately, the intestinal microflora is also constantly tested. If a person takes antibacterial drugs during treatment, then the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines is significantly reduced, which means the amount of synthesized vitamin H also decreases. Alcohol can destroy biotin, and therefore reduce its level in the body.

How to determine that there is not enough biotin in the body?

When there is a deficiency of biotin in the body, the following symptoms most often occur:

  • Hair becomes brittle; girls often notice hair loss when combing or after washing.
  • Dandruff appears.
  • Nails become brittle, begin to peel or break off.
  • General weakness, fatigue, lack of strength, nervousness or irritability.
  • Muscle pain.

How to compensate for biotin deficiency?

First of all, it is recommended to pay attention to proper nutrition. You need to add foods that contain sufficient amounts of biotin to your diet.

The product’s name Biotin content per 100g
Soybeans 60 mcg
Chicken egg yolk 56 mcg
Oatmeal 20 mcg
Peas 19 mcg
Milk 15 mcg
Oats 15 mcg
Rice 12 mcg
Wheat 11 mcg
Meat (chicken) 10 mcg
Cod 10 mcg
Cottage cheese 7 mcg

A vitamin complex will help compensate for the lack of biotin VITAGEN Biotin Max.

Each tablet of the drug contains the maximum daily requirement of the vitamin biotin – 145 mcg.

Take a vitamin complex VITAGEN Biotin Max

simple – just 1 tablet once a day for 3-6 months.

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