Vitagen creates products that meet the needs of human body from the most bioavailable forms of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Vitagen compensates for the insufficient intake of micronutrients from modern food and their increased destruction due to the use of chlorinated water, exposure to polluted air and daily stress. As a result metabolic disorders and obesity, early aging of the skin, cardiovascular system disorders, the high risk of neurodegenerative and oncological diseases may occur. Vitagen mineral and vitamin and herbal complexes by Ananta Medicare Company may help to solve these and other problems. All that is necessary to maintain health and well-being is an individual course of vitamin therapy based on innovative and modern laboratory developments. Today you can improve your life with Vitagen.


Our mission is to provide the population with high-quality complexes containing all the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Vitamins are the basis of growth and movement, achieving harmony of physical and psychological state, and a guarantor of well-being and mood as well. Our goal is to be the company offering individual solution for the selection of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to people, taking into account the regional type of nutrition of the Ukrainian population. Our mission is endless care about your health.