Vitamin and mineral complexes of VITAGEN TM are easy to buy and receive. All products presented on our website have been certified in Ukraine.

For our customers’ convenience, the “Vitagen” team has arranged a modern service system. Now you just select the required vitamin complex and specify a convenient way to receive and pay.

You can place an order for delivery by “Nova Poshta” to your home, office or carrier branch in your city.

After placing an order, the call centre staff will contact you and confirm the application by specifying the detailed information, in order to avoid mistakes. Also, you can contact our vitamin therapy experts on issues of interest.

There is no need to make any efforts – it is enough to choose the method of receipt when placing an order. We care about your health and convenience!


Доставка Новой Почтой по Украине



This is a full prepayment by credit card.

The payment for a good is made in cash only in the national currency upon customer pickup. After the payment, you will receive a sales receipt.