Why does our body need folic acid, what foods to look for it in and how much should we consume per day?

Beneficial properties of folic acid.

Women know that folic acid is especially necessary for the body during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Its main role is participation in the synthesis of various components of genetic material or DNA. Vitamin B9 (another name for folic acid) is essential in the formation and growth of cells, so it is very important for pregnant women and children to get enough of it.

But the beneficial properties of folic acid are not limited to this, because it is responsible for the health of the bone marrow and other tissues and cells of our body at any age. If vitamin B9 deficiency occurs, megaloblastic anemia and other disorders may develop.

When people think about folic acid, they usually talk about women’s health. But men also urgently need this substance, because vitamin B9 is required for effective reproductive function. Folic acid is important for sperm quality.


What is the importance of folic acid?

Folic acid is necessary for the creation of new cells. In the first weeks of pregnancy, the fetal organs, including the brain, develop. Disturbances in the development of several cells early in pregnancy, before a woman knows she is pregnant, can lead to a defect in the entire system. The neural tube closes in the third or fourth week after fertilization, and a defect in it or in the fetal brain can lead to serious disability, illness, and even death of the fetus. Folic acid significantly reduces the risk of neural tube defects.

When should you take folic acid?

It is very important to take folic acid daily, before pregnancy and during the first three months of pregnancy.

It is recommended to continue taking folic acid throughout pregnancy to support fetal development and normal growth and to prevent anemia in the pregnant woman. In light of the fact that in many cases pregnancy is not planned in advance, it is recommended that folic acid be taken daily throughout the fertile period of a woman’s life.

In what doses is it recommended to take folic acid?

One 400 mcg tablet is recommended. daily, during the entire fertile period.

Do the products contain folic acid?

Folic acid is found in green leafy vegetables – lettuce, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, wholemeal baked goods, citrus fruits, and fortified foods. But it should be emphasized that natural folic acid found in products does not replace taking folic acid tablets, because Only in tablets is folic acid completely absorbed in the body.

Vitagen Pregna Methylfolat №27

Поэтому важно принимать витаминный комплекс Vitagen Pregna Methylfolat.

В состав которой входит активная форма фолиевой кислоты

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    • Taking the vitamin during pregnancy planning can reduce the risks of intrauterine development of the fetus.
    • Ease of use: 1 tablet per day.

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