Vitagen Alpha-Lipoic Acid Max

A complex featuring a maximum alpha-lipoic acid content to boost physical and mental activity, get rid of extra kilograms and relieve stress. It can be recommended to men and women who pursue healthy lifestyle or experience overstrain and fatigue.

Description of the Complex

Vitagen Alpha-Lipoic Acid Max contains a maximum amount of alpha-lipoic acid, which results in high effectiveness of the complex. The active ingredient with an antioxidant effect improves the attention focusing capacity, memory and sight functions, as well as promotes fast clearing the body of toxins and salts and impedes natural ageing processes rendering the skin elastic and supple.

Use and Benefits

Alpha-lipoic acid is known to be able to promptly restore the structure of tissues, saturate cells with energy and boost fat deposits burning processes. Featuring a maximum alpha-lipoic acid content, this complex is indispensable to athletes as it improves endurance and promotes building-up the muscle mass and relieving the oxidative stress after exhausting workouts. The vitamins can be recommended to people who would like to get rid of excessive weight, are exposed to stresses or suffer from sleep disorders and headaches.

This vitamin-mineral complex featuring high concentration of a powerful natural antioxidant provides a number of benefits:

  • the body protection against emotional burnout;
  • stress and nervous overstrain removal;
  • improvement of capacity for work and getting rid of insomnia;
  • burning fat deposits and boosting metabolism.

The effectiveness of alpha-lipoic acid is determined by its anti-inflammatory and absorbing properties, which is extremely important for improvement of the nervous system function and fighting against natural ageing processes.

Better Brain Activity

This complex featuring a maximum alpha-lipoic acid content (75 mg) can be recommended to boost attention focusing capacity and improve memory. Due to antioxidative activity, the active substance slows down brain ageing processes and reduces risks of getting an apoplectic attack by securing a comprehensive defence against adverse effects of neurotoxins. Along with that, the alpha-lipoic acid is beneficial to improvement of cognitive functions. Taken on a regular basis, ALA reduces risks of getting nervous disorders and chronic brain conditions.

Resistance to Stresses

The vitamin-mineral complex with a powerful antioxidant secures that all body cells are saturated with additional energy. High alpha-lipoic acid concentration allows staying calm in stressful situations and elevating the emotional state. In case of a regular use, nervous cells regenerate, the body's nervous activity stabilizes, and new energy comes in. This natural antioxidant relieves stress and fatigue as well as effectively removes apathy, irritability and depressive states.

Better Skin Condition

Alpha-lipoic acid, the content whereof in the complex amounts to 75 mg, is used for cosmetological purposes to give the skin healthy colour and impede natural ageing processes. The active ingredient promotes getting rid of small wrinkles and skin dullness as well as reducing scars after pimples, dark circles under the eyes and swelling. The vitamins are recommended to achieve tone balancing, get rid of acneiform rash, visually reduce facial lines and lift the face contour.

The Vitagen complex coming in vegetable-based capsules contains a maximum amount of alpha-lipoic acid, which is the most powerful antioxidant of natural origin. The active substance possesses properties, which help improve mood and the general body condition.

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  • Vegetable-based capsules
  • Alpha-lipoic acid 150 mg

Method of Administration

1 capsule twice a day, with food.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid Max


Vitagen LLC, USA